Extras: Hacking on Mesh

Ideas for taking your exploration further!

Now that you've gotten an overview of Mesh and the Particle Ecosystem, why not try building a web, mobile, or cloud app to interact with your Particle device? Here are a couple of ideas to get your started, and links to some resources you might find helpful.

  1. Create a Particle-powered mobile app using our iOS, Android, and Windows SDKs.

  2. Create a Particle-powered web app using the Particle JS library and your framework of choice, like Vue.js, React and Angular.

  3. Create a Particle-powered cross-platform mobile app using NativeScript and Vue.js and the Particle NativeScript plugin.

  4. Create an Azure IoT Hub Integration and build dashboards with Electric IO

  5. Get started with Particle Workbench

  6. Request Access to the Particle Rules Engine Beta

Particle Resources

And If you build something with Particle, we'd love to see it, and share it with the world! Just mention us on Twitter (particle) or Instagram (particle_iot). We can't wait to see what you build!