About This Workshop

This workshop is sponsored and produced by Particle.

The workshop is a combination of a presentations and 4 hands-on sessions described in this guide.

This workshop will take you through the basics of connecting a Particle Argon mesh device to the Internet, and have it do amazing stuff. All in just 2 hours.


The scheduled program of the workshop includes both presentations and hands-on sessions.

  • Session 1 - Particle Basics - An intro to the Particle ecosystem
  • Lab 1 - Getting from Box to Blinky
  • Session 2 - Introducing Mesh - Introducing 3rd generation devices and mesh networking
  • Lab 2 - Measuring and displaying a distance (Grove Kit)
  • Session 3 - Mesh communication - Introducing Mesh messaging and Particle primitives
  • Lab 3 - Set up a mesh network with a second device
  • Lab 4 - Connect Sensor and Display over the mesh